Florida Mayor Fights New Gun Range Because Guns are Icky

A Florida mayor does not want a firearms range to be built, despite having all the legal requirements and variance taken care of.

For people to be going to and from that location so near a park and so near a neighborhood filled with children and young people is concerning,” Muoio said. “This applicant has done everything he can do to make this a more palatable development and, of course, we want to see development in our city, but the fact that it’s a gun range is concerning to me.

Nothing cited as the reason for concern. Just “it concerns me”. Well obviously then we can’t do it, can we? Worthy of note:

As other indoor gun ranges across the country can attest, the probability of a round leaving the range is so remote as to have never happened. In fact, there’s a gun range in the middle of Philadelphia, PA that I went to not long ago where the range was on the second floor of a building, with touching apartment buildings on either side, and the gun shop directly underneath the range. And they’ve never had any issues.

Hoplophobia is running wild.



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