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Some quick history on “A well regulated militia”


Pull up a chair, it’s history lesson time. I’ll keep this brief.

A “minute man” was not someone who shot once every minute. They were a group of citizens who were to be ready “in a minute’s notice” to defend against attacks. Hence the name, “minute man”.

“Hundreds of rounds per minute man” is hogwash. An automatic weapon is a Class 3 firearm. That means NFA approval. And prior to the 1986 restrictions, an automatic firearm cost around $300. They are now typically over $20,000 – and with 2 exceptions, have NEVER been used in any fatal shootings.

Oh, and one of those two fatal shootings was a cop USING the automatic weapon. So toss that whole “only cops and government should have them” nonsense.

And lastly, to cover “Well regulated”, during the times when the Bill of Rights was written, the term “well regulated” meant that it was in proper working order. Meaning, not broken.

So to answer the question, the answer is BOTH. They are both well regulated militia.