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Ohio Boy, 15, Killed In Accidental Shooting

From Facebook:

Fifteen year old killed because he was accidentally shot by another kid.

But you guys keep slinging guns around children and let them play around with them like it’s normal. Fantastic job,#GunThugs.

Keep up the crap work. You’ll turn the entire nation into a war zone yet.

– Steve Marmel

Ohio Boy, 15, Killed In Accidental Shooting
Monday November 18, 2013 7:01 AM
UPDATED: Monday November 18, 2013 7:02 AM

EDISON, Ohio – Authorities say a 15-year-old central Ohio boy died when he was accidentally shot by another teenager.

Morrow County Sheriff Steven Brenneman says that 15-year-old Trevor Patrick Clark died Sunday in Edison, north of Columbus.

His body was found at about noon on some railroad tracks.

The sheriff said friends were walking in the woods along the tracks. Clark had brought a weapon with him and passed it to a 16-year-old friend, the sheriff said.

The friend did not know that the weapon was loaded and accidentally shot Clark.

The name of other teen hasn’t been released, and the investigation continues.

“But you guys keep slinging guns around children and let them play around with them like it’s normal. Fantastic job, #GunThugs.”

No, it’s absolutely not normal. Children should never “play” with guns. ADULTS should never “play” with guns.

(1) GUNS do not kill people. They are inanimate objects. A PERSON with a gun can kill someone; just like a rock. Cain killed Abel with a rock. Ban rocks? Or hammers. Or baseball bats. Because hammers killed more people last year than rifles did – hammers wielded by PEOPLE.

(2) NO, guns don’t “accidentally go off”. Again, they’re aren’t sentient. They don’t do anything “accidentally”. PEOPLE do.

(3) YES, statistically, accidents are rare. There are an estimate 85 million guns in the United States. If accidents were common, people would be shot in the hundreds of thousands per day – and that’s at a 1-2% incident rate.

The death of that child is tragic. Could it have been avoided? YES! How? By proper parenting. Why are a 15 and 16 year old out with a gun on train tracks??

That’s a PARENTING failure. That’s a SUPERVISION failure. That’s an EDUCATION failure – anyone who was taught about firearms would KNOW that you ALWAYS check if the gun is loaded and never “PLAY” with it.

That has NOTHING to do with a gun and EVERYTHING to do with people.