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Do I Need A Reason To Own or Buy A Gun?

Few people can say things with the enthusiasm and conviction that Mr Colion Noir does.

Want to know if you need a reason to buy a gun? Head over to his page, watch the 2 minute video, and find out.

Do I Need A Reason To Own or Buy A Gun? | Mr Colion Noir


Iraq Vet Aaron Weiss Slams Legislators Over NY SAFE Act: “My Right Trumps Your Dead! I Earned It In Blood!”

Aaron Weiss, an Iraq combat veteran and law enforcement officer, spoke to the motion to repeal New York’s SAFE Act at the Dutchess County Legislature back in March of this year. Weiss, from Poughkeepsie, took to the podium and denounced the sweeping measures of the tyrants in New York asking them “Why is dead children your battle cry?”

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Aaron Weiss, Iraq combat vet, speaks brilliantly.