To The Anti-Gun People

To the anti-gun people, please understand one simple fact that is so grossly and needlessly over-emphasized: we don’t want to shoot you or anybody else.

While there are some people on the outskirts who will decry “come and take our guns, we’ll shoot you!”, that is not the overwhelming majority of those who oppose gun control (“gun safety”) legislation. To the contrary, if we were dining in the same restaurant or watching the same movie, and a crazed killer comes in and starts shooting people – we will be the first ones to jump to your defense. We will shoot at the crazed killer; and that is only to restore the peace and safety of everyone.

We don’t want to kill anyone. Some of us have been traumatized by doing so. In a decision between watching others be killed, or stopping the killer, we will do what must be done. If we are stripped of the tools we use to do so, we all become victims. We do not like victims; that is precisely why we desire the means to defend ourselves (and others!).

Help us to help you. Do not support legislation that removes a law-abiding citizen’s right to keep and bear arms. It benefits you as much as it does us; perhaps even more benefit to you, as we take on the responsibility of firearm purchasing, safety, training and maintenance.


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